About us

L2 Lillini srl is a specialized contractor with the expertise to perform a wide range of road construction projects.

The company was founded and is managed by professionals with decades of experience in the sectors of earthmoving, utility networks and roadworks.

L2 Lillini srl stands out for its constant investment in technological research and leading-edge machinery and equipment, enabling the company to serve national and international markets with successful results and reduced environment impact.

What we do

Thanks to its extensive experience, L2 Lillini performs works such as the following:

  • Subgrades for roads, railways, highways, airports and other infrastructure works
  • Parking lots, service areas, utility networks
  • Embankments and basins for drainage channels and landfills
  • Bike paths, tracks for sports facilities
  • Lanes, service roads and areas for work sites and temporary events such as trade exhibitions